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Updated 5/25/2017 Have you ever been on a horrible date where the person you are out with spent the whole time talking about themselves without ever asking you a single question? Not only are you getting more information about the job, you’re showing the interviewer that you genuinely care about the position, the company, and your role should you get hired.

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Dating is a two way street and the goal is to learn as much as you can about your potential partner through a give and take approach to dialogue. In fact, leave the flowers and chocolates at home for your sweetie. You can learn a lot about an open position through the basic application process, but to really get the down and dirty about what will be expected of you, you need to make sure you prepare good questions to ask the interviewer as well. I mean, are hiring managers okay with me asking for more details? Asking the hiring manager questions is like bringing flowers and chocolates with you.

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Who would want to spend any more precious time with someone who was so self-involved? Does this mean I have to start bringing flowers and chocolates with me as well as copies of my resume? As charming as that mht seem, we don’t recommend that approach at all. Yes, they are…but like any good date, shouldn’t you try to learn a little bit more about the position and company before you decide to accept the job if they offer it to you? How else are you going to find out if it really is a job you want to do?

Best First Date Questions, Conversation Starter Topics

Why is not asking questions at the end of the interview a missed opportunity and why are hiring managers disappointed when interviewees don’t ask questions?

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